investing ideas If you have some extra money to put to work, but don’t quite know what to invest in, there’s good news. The best investment ideas for 2017 include: Paying off your credit cards, buying real estate, high-quality dividend investments, and banking stocks. Here are the best ways to approach each of those. I listed this one first for a reason, even though it technically isn’t an ’investment.’ Simply put, it doesn’t make sense to buy stocks or any other type of investment if you have high-interest card . The reason is simple mathematics. If you have $5,000 in credit card debt at 18% interest, you’re paying $900 per year just for the privilege of owing that money. When investing, the best you can reasonably hope to earn on a consistent basis is 10-12% returns per year. Even at the top end of that range, you can reasonably expect a $5,000 investment to return $600 in its first year, at most. In other words, by investing instead of paying credit card debt, you’re setting yourself up to lose money. Херсон, Ukraine … raine.html

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